Enhanced Security
for XA

CISTECH’s Enhanced Security Tool significantly improves your ability to implement, maintain and audit iSeries and MAPICS XA security compared to base Cross App and IFM Security. The powerful PowerLink interface provides visibility and control of user authority to XA applications and data, as well as to iSeries objects.

Enhanced Security Tool Features & Functions:

CISTECH’s Enhanced Security Tool, developed with XA Integrator, enables iSeries security administrators to develop and deploy an effective Security Policy for XA applications and data. This tool simplifies the tasks required to successfully implement your new plan, significantly reduces disruption to user productivity, and provides complete visibility to security data.


  • Create and implement a security plan incorporating Job Roles with CAS security to easily manage user rights
  • Configure SOD conflict rules for areas and/or tasks including manual tasks
  • Assign owners to perform routine access reviews to facilitate management and reporting of user rights approvals as required by auditors
  • Export and test your new security plan before implementing in the live environment
  • Quickly view and navigate user access and how that access was achieved (unlocked or private/group authority), including:
    • User’s current and proposed rights to tasks
    • Rights to CAS tasks that will be granted or revoked
      to a user by the proposed plan
    • Roles and groups a user is in as well as members of
      roles and groups Areas that a task is in (so you can secure it)
  •  Capture and view actual user activity for green-screen
    menu options, Power Link maintenance, and IFM
  •  View iSeries profile information including super-users,
    password rules and logon statistics
  •  Visibility of IFM Security settings as well as resulting user
    rights to IFM Tasks
  •  On-demand inquiry and extract capabilities for common
    auditing requirements:
  • Review and manage resolution for violations to
    Segregation-of-Duties rules

    •  Configure ‘Watched’ Tasks to quickly report user
      access to high-risk functions
    •  Routine review and approval of user rights by
      assigned owners
    •  Role owners review users assigned to roles and
      tasks the roles can perform
    •  Data owners review role access to data by
      functional area and/or task
    •  Audit Coordinator tools to prepare and manage
      routine security review activities
    •  Resource assignment and resolution tracking within
      the tools
    •  Audit changes to security to ensure proper
      procedures are enforced
    •  Archival and restore capabilities for audit review
    •  Print security audit results to a PDF file or export
      information to Excel
  •  Regular IT review to ensure long-term integrity of your
    security configuration:

    • View daily changes to user access including when
      the change was made, how, and by whom
    •  Alerts identifying users that have security not
      granted by assigned roles
    •  Review private authority to ensure users are not
      circumventing job role access
    • Review unlocked tasks including who uses them
      and how to access them

Additional available serivces:

  • iSeries and XA Security Checkup
  • XA Security Policy Planning and Implementation

Benefits of using Upgrade Assistant:

  • Quickly develop and implement XA Security policies that meet auditor requirements.
  • Significantly reduce risk of unauthorized transactions with segregation of duties.
  • Easily plan and monitor user rights for XA applications using defined Job Roles.
  • Maximize productivity for administrators tasked with managing and reporting security.
  • Reduce the disruption to users typically associated with implementing new security policies.
  • Provides access to application security information commonly requested by auditors.





Prerequisites for Enhanced Security: XA R7.7 and higher, Procurement Mgmt, Enterprise Integrator, SMTP messaging for email alerts.

Clients Successes

“Working in partnership with CISTECH, we have transformed our company using advanced technology available with MAPICS XA. We have integrated and streamlined our entire supply chain, from customer forecasts and orders through to planning, production, and shipping.”

Clients Successes

“We’ve virtually eliminated transaction errors by using the Supplier Portal. With the suppliers on the system, our accuracy is 99% and our on-time delivery has improved to about 97% while reducing inventory.”

Clients Successes

“Leveraging MAPICS applications with CISTECH’s product and industry knowledge, we’ve been able to consistently improve efficiencies in inventory control, delivery, and collections.”