• Long lead times to deliver customer orders?• Frequent changeovers on production lines?
  • High levels of WIP inventory or numbers of open production orders?
  • Regular use of overtime or outsourcing to resolve capacity issues?
  • Constant expediting of purchased or manufactured components?
  • Inaccurate or not timely inventory and production status?

Then Shop Floor Plus (SF+) may be the solution you need. It extends your XA capabilities to provide real-time insights into every step of your manufacturing process, so every person on the team knows exactly what needs to be done, and when.The three components of SF+, PLAN, MAKE, and MEASURE, empower everyone on your production team – customer service, planning, procurement, material delivery and shop floor execution—to work off the same set of information toward the same goal of delivering on-time shipments.


Are you planning or are you expediting? Shop Floor Plus calculates available production resources to help you develop a feasible plan. By highlighting critical production and purchase orders needed to ship customer orders you can communicate to other Shop Floor users the actions necessary meet ship dates.


SF+ provides the production team with all the information needed to manufacture the right items, the right way, at the right time.  By inputting production and material activity, SF+ provides real-time status of production status and inventory levels.  Automated material handling requests direct pickers via mobile devices to pick-up and deliver material needed for production and warehouse management.   SF+ coordinates your entire production team to execute your plan to fulfill customer commitments.


Shop Floor Plus uses your rich database of production data to provide measurements and analytics to improve your operations. Armed with actionable data, you can make changes that matter today and identify opportunities for future improvement.

The premise of SFP is ‘Lean Planning’—the effort is to focus on actions needed to meet customer demand. With Lean Planning, Planners have visibility of customer orders by due date. Shortages of purchased or manufactured items needed to fulfill customer demand are highlighted for action.Planners can:


  • Easily see what critical items are needed to support
    on-time shipments
  • Schedule by sales order promise date or request date and
    update orders to the lowest level in the product structure.
  • Add notes and comments in real time for other users to see.
  • Assign a priority code to a work order to update the
    electronic dispatch list on the shop floor.

Using MRP Source of Demand data, Lean Planning calculates both machine and labor hours needed to meet the production plan. With this information, you can create realistic production plans and allocate optimal levels of staffing to support those plans. Everything you need for accurate scheduling is at your fingertips:


  • Weekly workload by operation compared to capability
  • ‘Headcount’ requirements to determine any needs for overtime or weekend work.
  • Drill down for more details with a single click.


Synchronize your operations to meet customer demand:


  • Specialized views focus on planning and executing customer
    shipments. By proactively managing to the customer order
    shipping schedule you can avoid the dreaded hockey stick
    effect of hectic end of month activity.
  • Visibility of open order status and identification of ‘at risk’
    orders gives customer service the opportunity to manage
    customer expectations, while the production team focuses
    on resolving issues impacting that order.
  • Business planning is simplified with the ability to project the
    revenue associated with scheduled shipments—and with at
    risk shipments.


Designed for XA by manufacturing professionals, our streamlined approach supports your dynamic manufacturing operation with mobile entry, real-time information, and visibility into the status of production and material as it moves through your plant. That means team members across the organization are working in sync and know exactly what changes are needed on the floor at any time.

What does this real-time, mobile driven information include? Everything a scheduler, operator, supervisor, or material handler needs to optimize their daily activities. Screens are tailored to the user/workcenter and can include:

  •  Electronic dispatch lists and shop packets provide information
    required to manufacture the right items, the right way, at the
    right time.
  • Detailed MO data, including bills of material, drawings,
    quality documents, pick status and more
  •  Entry of production activity such as labor, material, production,
    scrap, downtime, outside operations, and more
  • ‘As-it-happens’ notes delivered to team members across the
  • Directed MO picking or replenishment of floor stock
  • Transaction audit and error correction
  • Management of XA Outside Processing


Automated pickup and delivery notifications, based on production and warehouse activity, ensures material handlers know exactly what needs to be moved.   Supervisors can view open picks by employee to help adjust picking workloads.

SF+ initiates:


  • Triggers to direct the movement of material from operation to
    operation and transfer of material to the finished goods
    warehouse at the completion of production.
  • Purchase Order receipts that trigger material put-away
    requests or direct a transfer directly to production if
    needed for an order.
  •  Directed MO picking and/or replenishment of floor stock
    materials for material handlers which maximizes efficiencies
    and timeliness of component deliveries to the shop floor.
Shop Floor Plus uses your rich database of production data to provide measurements and analytics to improve your operations. With it, you can make changes that matter today and identify opportunities for future improvement.

  • Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is calculated for
    each workcenter and rolls up through departments, warehouses, and locations.
  • TAKT boards provide real time status of production activity
    compared to goals, presented in one hour segments
    throughout the day.
  • Detailed production efficiencies are maintained for each
    order, employee, workcenter and location.
  •  Measure your team’s schedule attainment statistics – are you
    really making the orders you planned to fulfill?
  • Measure your make to forecast accuracy

Shop Floor Plus is more than an XA tool.

It’s a new way to communicate across your organization.

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