Paperless pick pack ship
for XA

Paperless Pick-Pack-Ship (PPPS) for MAPICS XA extends standard COM functionality to improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the customer order delivery process. PPPS uses mobile devices with scanners to increase the speed and accuracy of customer order picking and packing. It also simplifies warehouse operations by automating COM shipping functions including integration with parcel shipping systems.





PPPS users have achieved significant improvements immediately, including:


Reduction in operating costs enabled by a significant increase in efficiency of everyone involved in the warehouse, including pickers, shipping managers, and back office personnel.


Increase in customer satisfaction level from more timely and accurate shipments, while real time data enhances customer communications. With integration to parcel shipping systems, all shipment status information is readily accessible from MAPICS. With the Customer Portal, your customers have 24 x 7 access to their shipment information.


Increased in inventory accuracy from real time, interactive transactions with scan verification for items and locations.


PPPS delivers many capabilities that extend the functions of COM to help you improve efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse, including:


Pick list tool calculates inventory availability to help you release only orders that can be picked complete.


• Allows consolidated picking, assigning priorities to orders, and assigning orders to specific pickers.


• Interactive picking process helps warehouse personnel identify and select required items.




• Picking relieves inventory immediately and ‘reserves’ the inventory in a shipping location leading to improved inventory accuracy.

• Enhanced packing capabilities support multiple containers, license plates, and ASN database.





• Eliminates ‘non-value add’ back office keying of XA pick lists and parcel information. Streamlined shipment creation object allows for quicker processing of LTL/Full Truckload shipments.





Because PPPS was designed specifically for COM and complements the COM processes you use today, installation and implementation can be accomplished quickly and you achieve benefits immediately! Picking can be performed with handheld RF devices or tablets.

Clients Successes

“Working in partnership with CISTECH, we have transformed our company using advanced technology available with MAPICS XA. We have integrated and streamlined our entire supply chain, from customer forecasts and orders through to planning, production, and shipping.”

Clients Successes

“We’ve virtually eliminated transaction errors by using the Supplier Portal. With the suppliers on the system, our accuracy is 99% and our on-time delivery has improved to about 97% while reducing inventory.”

Clients Successes

“Leveraging MAPICS applications with CISTECH’s product and industry knowledge, we’ve been able to consistently improve efficiencies in inventory control, delivery, and collections.”