Receipts Not Invoiced
for XA

Monitor and Reconcile
Purchase Receipts not Invoiced
with a Powerful Reporting System!

CISTECH’s Enhanced Security Tool significantly improves your ability to implement, maintain and audit iSeries and MAPICS XA security compared to base Cross App and IFM Security. The powerful PowerLink interface provides visibility and control of user authority to XA applications and data, as well as to iSeries objects.


RNI is an invaluable tool for MAPICS financial teams worldwide during audits and month-end closes. It provides access to and analysis of your data so adjustments are quickly and properly monitored, confirmed, validated and tracked for compliance.

Benefits of using RNI:

  • Properly reconcile MAPICS un-invoiced receipts liability account.
  •  Enable accurate balance sheet representation of asset and liability accounts.
  • Minimize large adjustment transactions.
  • Ensure compliance with internal and external audit requirements.

Services to support your use of RNI:

  • User manual, Implementation instructions
  • CISTECH consulting services to assist you in planning, education, and implementing.

RNI Features & Functions:

The reporting capabilities of RNI provide flexible, real time access to vital information. On your balance sheet for any period, you can:

  • Review invoiced and un-invoiced warehouse inventory receipts.
  • Review purchase price variances.
  • Review plant warehouse inventory receipts.
  • Review open IFM balances for inventory charge line receipts and invoices paid-todate.

You will also:


  • Gain immediate access to Inventory IFM charge lines for specific material receipts, cost adjustments and settlements by vendor, purchase order or other reporting elements.
  • Support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements for proper retrieval, support and documentation.
  • Create Excel output during reporting for quick analysis by purchasing teams.

Receipts not invoiced report consolidates all required data

Pre-requisites for RNI: IFM, IM, PUR. R6 or R7. OS/400 V5R2 or higher.

Clients Successes

“Working in partnership with CISTECH, we have transformed our company using advanced technology available with MAPICS XA. We have integrated and streamlined our entire supply chain, from customer forecasts and orders through to planning, production, and shipping.”

Clients Successes

“We’ve virtually eliminated transaction errors by using the Supplier Portal. With the suppliers on the system, our accuracy is 99% and our on-time delivery has improved to about 97% while reducing inventory.”

Clients Successes

“Leveraging MAPICS applications with CISTECH’s product and industry knowledge, we’ve been able to consistently improve efficiencies in inventory control, delivery, and collections.”