General ledger interface
for XA

Improve visibility and control of General Ledger Interface Transactions

The CISTECH GLI Enhancement Module provides improved visibility, access, and control of both un-posted and posted General Ledger Interface transaction data. Adding a new capability to XA financials, GLI creates a detailed history file of transactions posted to the GL, regardless of whether the JE was created in summary or detail. This history file provides easy access to GL transaction details for accountants, auditors, and SOX compliance teams. GLI tools utilize XA Powerlink technology to enable efficient and effective reconciliation and auditing of GL transactions.

GLI provides improved access to unposted GLI transactions from XA Inventory Management, Production Control and Costing, and Customer Order Management applications. With this improved access you can quickly identify and correct transactions with unassigned or incorrect accounts.


GLI also provides access to posted GLI transactions by creating a new history file that records GLI detail as those transactions are posted. Without GLI, the only way to maintain detailed records is to post in detail, generating a huge volume of transactions into the GL. With summary posting, the only access to detail is the unwieldy account assignment report. With GLI, detailed transaction information is available on line, linked to GLI summary data in a format designed for easy reconciliation of GLI transactions.

Benefits of using CISTECH GLI Enhancement Module:

  • Provides an Audit trail for summary Journal Entries created from IM, PC&C and COM.
  • Quickly identify and review any IM, PC&C, or COM Transactions that didn’t pass Account Assignment and determine the cause for quick correction of GL Rules and Priorities.
  • Improved access to GL rules and priorities, providing an efficient way to ensure correct rule logic and appropriate account assignment.
  • Eliminates the need to save lengthy Account Assignment Registers by electronically capturing GLI posted detail.
  • Enables SOX compliance with quick access to transaction details.

CISTECH GLI Features & Functions:

  • New GLI Transaction Files with Powerlink card files and extensive pre-defined views and subsets for un-posted GLI Detail Files.
  • New GLI History Files for Posted GLI History, also with Powerlink card files and extensive pre-defined views and subsets.
  • Journal reference number is included for AM Financial users, providing easy access to detail required to support summary entries.
  • New objects to provide Powerlink access to GL rules and priorities.
  • Trigger Programs to post to the new GLI History Business Objects as the XA “Create GL Entries” processes are executed for IM, COM, or PC&C. Installation includes registration of Triggered Objects in CAS to prevent losing update actions during future Cumulative Upgrades, or PTF’s.
  • A Host Job to remove entries from the GLI History Objects for Inventory, COM and PC&C after archiving; preventing build up of GLI History Detail on your system.


Pre-requisites for General Ledger Interface: Accounting Management or IFM (with GL interfaces activated), XA R6, R7, R9, Integrator or Enterprise Integrator

Clients Successes

"Working in partnership with CISTECH, we have transformed our company using advanced technology available with MAPICS XA. We have integrated and streamlined our entire supply chain, from customer forecasts and orders through to planning, production, and shipping."

Clients Successes

"We’ve virtually eliminated transaction errors by using the Supplier Portal. With the suppliers on the system, our accuracy is 99% and our on-time delivery has improved to about 97% while reducing inventory."

Clients Successes

"Leveraging MAPICS applications with CISTECH’s product and industry knowledge, we’ve been able to consistently improve efficiencies in inventory control, delivery, and collections."